News - 2015 February Incredible Kid Month

February is Incredible Kid Month! This is a wonderful opportunity for parents, teachers and other adults to recognize a child, between the ages of 5 and 12, that has made a positive impact in our community or has qualities that make him or her special. The child may have shoveled snow off your sidewalk, walked your dog, volunteered at your organization or overcome an obsta cle. A healthy society recognizes the importance of all members of their community . Incredible Kid Recognition Awards show young people that the community cares and appreciates them and wants them to grow up h ealthy and drug free.
The Troy Community Coalition for the Preven tion of Drug and Alcohol Abuse wants to honor these wonderful, considerate, young people . We will recognize these Incredible Kids at a special Coalition ceremony held at the Troy Community C enter on Thursday, February 26, 2015 .
Spread the word and take the time to nominate an Incredible Kid! Please submit this form along with a donation of your choosing so the Coalition may continue to offer programs benefiting all who live or work in Troy. Due to space limitations at the Troy Community Center nominations will only be accepted for individuals and/or small groups . Thank you for your participation.

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