The Youth Academy, "Teens Taking Action"

Our History

teens taking action

In 1998, the Youth Academy program was launched by General Barry McCaffrey to involve students as leaders and peer mentors in the fight against substance abuse and to involve adult mentors in the transfer of leadership skills to the students. The crucial element, active student involvement in the strategic planning of prevention initiatives, is the cornerstone of the program which ultimately strive to reduce the factors that put youth at risk of substance abuse.

Our Mission

"Through our leadership and role modeling, we will act as educators to the community by advocating a lifestyle free from substance abuse."

In accordance with its mission, the Youth Academy in Troy provides teens with a strong leadership program based on Franklin Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" and active student involvement in the planning and implementation of initiatives.

Teens Taking Action

The Youth Academy/Teens Taking Action program also provides the teens with the opportunity to attend a three day summer Ropes Camp, designed to provide physical activities such as challenging high ropes courses and rock climbing which foster leadership, group cohesiveness and a spirit of trust. Ropes Camp also provides a unique opportunity for building relationships.

Current Officers (2009-2010)

From left to right:

President – Nick Donabedian
Co-Vice President – Matt Eicher
Co-Vice President – Megan Gustafsson
Secretary – Aima Mori
Treasurer – Brad Pienta
Public Relations (AHS) – Chris Thomas
Public Relations (THS) – Steven Daws (Not Pictured)
Jam Fest Coordinator – Megan Tootalian

2008-2009 Officers

President - Chris Crachiola
Vice President - Adam Crachiola
Treasurer - Tyler Schmitz
Secretary - Tiffany Moy

2007-2008 Officers

Back row from left to right:

Jam Fest Coordinator - Kevin Randall
New Member - Leah Schmitz
Public Relations THS - Courtney Webster
Public Relations AHS - Julia Naimy

Front row from left to right:

President - Chris Crachiola
Vice President - Adam Crachiola
Treasurer - Tyler Schmitz
Secretary - Tiffany Moy

2006-2007 Officers

President - Andrew Corey
Vice President - Chris Crachiola
Treasurer - Aristo Chang
Secretary - Simon Matty
Public Relations THS - Claire Castine & Jessica Connell
Public Relations AHS - Andrew Gustafsson

2005-2006 Officers